Our range of prints from Tangled Worm

Here is a sample of just some of the poster prints available from Tangled Worm. Our A3 prints retail at £7.95 and our A2 prints retail at £15.95. We like to have fun and learn a little as we go along.

Our range of A2 poster prints

Our A2 format includes some of our more detailed prints including our map prints telling the story of the Kingdom of Northumbria in both Anglo-Saxon times and the later Viking period. There’s a Roman North print (also available in A3) showing all the forts and features of the whole of Northern England and a print showing the Iron Age North and events of the subsequent Roman invasion (also in A3).

Just for fun we do a Geordie Dictionary poster print (A2 only) featuring over 500 North East words and a Batty Books poster of 150 jokey book pun titles in A2 and A3.

On a science theme our colourful A2 periodic table poster includes images showing where the elements may occur in nature or in man-made items as well as a detailed explanation of what all those numbers and symbols mean. It also includes diagrams showing how atoms interconnect to form molecules.

Some of our A2 poster prints are also available in A3. Prints exclusive to A3 include our print of select Geordie phrases and our Northern heritage photographic collection which includes images of Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, the Tyne Bridges and the Durham Cathedral Sanctuary knocker.

Our range of A3 poster prints

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