River Range : Tyne, Tees, Wear, Burns, Becks, Brooks

Many of our products feature places situated on the three great rivers of North East England, so we thought we’d give the rivers their own starring role too. One of our latest ranges of products are our river map mugs. These show the course of the Tyne, Tees or Wear from source to sea in map form, featuring some of the notable places along the way.

River Map Mugs by Tangled Worm featuring the Tyne, Wear and Tees

Great gifts for the men and women of the Tyne, Tees or Wear. Just pick one or even have one of each.

It’s not just about the ‘Big River’ though. Just so the little streams get a look in too, we also do a mug (below) featuring the three main terms for a stream in Northern England: Burn, Beck, Brook – which one do you use?

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