About us

Tangled Worm is based in the North East of England. We love history, prints, travel, science, space, maps, bridges, buildings, blue skies, dark skies, hoodies, mugs, legends, t-shirts, tea towels, doormats, place mats, place-names, coasters, landmarks, humour, frivolity and a little bit of learning. Our logo worm is called Tangly by the way. In case you were wondering.

Why Tangled Worm?

Worms or wyverns are legendary serpents that feature in ancient stories from British culture. They are especially apparent in North East England where their roots lie across the sea in Scandinavia and northern Europe. They are entwined and entangled with the mythology brought to our shores by invading Vikings, Angles and Saxons.

We love the worms for their mystery, their veiled danger and their hidden humour that’s often mixed with a dash of paganism and a portion of piety. We do love unravelling their tales to reveal their strange roots.

In fact, this is pretty much how we see the world: a place of entangled mysteries and puzzles waiting to be solved, untwisted and enjoyed with wonder. Even if they can’t be unravelled, we’re more than happy to slice them up into magical morsels for your entertainment and enlightenment, whetting your appetite to learn much more.

See our Worm Legends of North East England map print.

You can also visit our England’s North East sister site at englandsnortheast.co.uk

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