Batty Books Poster Print. Featuring over 150 ‘just for fun’ pun book titles.

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For those who love good books and bad puns. This colourful and amusing poster-print features 150 batty book jokes with made up ‘play on the name’ authors inspiringly matched to imaginary book titles. Printed on luxury 250 gsm silk paper. Available in A3 or A2 format.



This colourful and amusing poster-print will appeal to both young and old alike. It will strike a chord with book lovers and those who enjoy a good pun or even an occasional bad one. Batty Books are a ‘play on names’ that come up with sometimes amusing and often appallingly silly author names, combined with the strangest imaginary book titles. We feature such classic titles as ‘Dine With Your Dog’ by Nora Bone; ‘Fearing Napoleon’ by Francis Cumming and that renowned tome of tips for learning by Alison Caerphilly. There are books by great authors like Oliver Sudden, Hugo Furst and Sue Pardoupa with many old titles dating back to that pre-digital age so beautifully recalled in the classic hardback by Anna Logg.We should perhaps make a disclaimer that none of the featured 150 titles are likely (as far we know) to be available in your favourite bookshop or local library very soon. Printed on luxury 250 gsm silk paper. Available in A3 or a larger A2 format.


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A3 297mm x 420mm, A2 420mm x 594mm


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