Everything is Energy by Albert Simpson (book)


A human being has about 37 trillion cells each comprising about 100 trillion particles. Each and every one of those particles is attracted to earth’s particles via energy exchanges. We humans have touch sensors, thermo sensors and pain sensors and sensors that taste, hear and see. All such sensors link to our brains but our brains receive no information about the tiny gravity attraction pulls on its zillions of body particles. Nor do we feel earth’s atmospheric pressure of about 1 kilogram per square centimetre acting on our body particles. The book says our perceived view of the world as one of matter is wrong. It explains that all its man made and natural structures, including life forms, are particle mists exchanging energies and that Earth’s structures are less than 0.0001% particles in over 99.9999% space. Paperback book 15 x 23 cm 116pp.

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