The Kingdom of Northumbria 547-900 AD. Poster Print (A2 only).


Poster print depicting the Kingdom of Northumbria (the North of England) in the Anglo-Saxon era from 547AD to 900AD. Showing the rise of Bernicia and Deira and their unification as the Kingdom of Northumbria. Map includes the names of some of the earlier Celtic kingdoms absorbed by Northumbria and features a timeline of the Northumbrian Kings, Bishops of Lindisfarne and Bishops of York. Murders and assassinations that are mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle are pinpointed on the map along with defences on the border with Mercia, meeting places, synods and consecration sites, surviving Anglo-Saxon churches (including late Saxon churches) and battle sites. Places featured include York, Bamburgh, Lindisfarne, Edinburgh, Chester, Manchester, Leeds, Tynemouth, Jarrow, Wearmouth, Gateshead, Whitby, Doncaster and Carlisle. Printed on 250gsm silk paper. Available in A2 format only.

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