A Map of Rude and Peculiar Place-Names in North East England.


Rude and peculiar place-names of North East England. Map features over 1,000 places. A2 format available only. Printed on 250gsm silk paper.



As featured on BBC Radio Newcastle and in The Northern Echo. This beautiful poster print-map includes over 1,000 weird and wonderful place-names across the North East of England covering Northumberland, County Durham, Tyneside, Wearside, the Tees Valley and a little bit of North Yorkshire thrown in for fun. Familiar place-names like Pity Me (there are in fact three) appear alongside other peculiarities like Bally Carrs, Common Slap, Old Man’s Bottom, Comical Corner, Goodwife Hot and Stinking Goat. Have you ever been to Dicky Edge, Dirt Pot or Crackpot Hall? How about Make-me-rich, Skirl Naked, Tongue Hill or Toronto? You may be titillated by Titlington Mount or amused by Wham Bottom, with many other rather rude names to keep you entertained. From the various Butts and Bottoms to an assortment of Twizells and Unthanks to Foggy Furze and Friars Goose this fascinating map will keep you and your visitors smiling as you discover a new place every time you look. Includes explanations of some of the common place-name elements featured on the map. Printed on 250 gsm silk paper and available in A3 or A2 format.

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A3 297mm x 420mm, A2 420mm x 594mm


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