Viking Age Northumbria 866 to 1066AD. Poster Print (A2 only).


Poster print depicting Northumbria (the North of England) in the Viking Age from 866 to 1066. Showing invasions, raids, areas of Viking settlement, major events, a timeline of the Viking kings of York and the rulers of Bamburgh, the locations of Viking hogback sculptures, Viking camps, battles and Viking ‘thing’ place-names (assemblies). Focuses on the period from the Danish invasion of the Humber in 866AD up to the eve of the Norman Conquest in 1066 with details of early Viking coastal raids before 866 AD. Features the conquest by Ivar the Boneless and kingship of Halfdan Ragnarsson, the rise of Ragnald and the Hiberno-Norse, the murder of Eric Bloodaxe, the era of Uhtred the Bold of Bamburgh, King Canute, Earl Siward, the visits of Athelstan all the way up to the invasion of Harald Hardrada of Norway in 1066. Printed on 250gsm silk paper. Available in A2 format only.

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